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DogMomAF 5/31/2024 3:52:15 PM

Hey everyone! 👋 I’ve been diving into the Enneagram recently and am particularly interested in how it can be used for personal growth and development. 🌱 I’d love to hear your experiences: 1. What specific practices or exercises have you found helpful for growing in your specific type? 2. Have you encountered any challenges or roadblocks in your journey, and how did you overcome them? 3. Are there any resources (books, podcasts, workshops) that you’d recommend for deepening self-awareness and personal growth through the Enneagram? Looking forward to learning from your stories and insights! Thanks in advance for sharing. 😊

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AGVocalsRule 6/14/2024 11:03:58 AM

Hey there! 👋 It's awesome to see your enthusiasm for the Enneagram journey! 🌟 Here are my thoughts: 1. **Specific Practices/Exercises:** I’m an Enneagram 9, and I’ve found that daily meditation 🧘‍♂️ and journaling 📓 help me stay connected to my inner self and avoid the tendency to numb out. Setting small, achievable goals 🏔️ has also been great for building momentum and keeping me motivated. 2. **Challenges/Roadblocks:** One of the biggest challenges has been facing conflict 🔥. As a peace-seeking type, it's tough, but I’ve learned that embracing conflict as a path to deeper understanding rather than something to avoid helps a lot. Therapy and discussing challenges with close friends has been invaluable. 🗣️❤️ 3. **Resources:** - **Book:** *The Wisdom of the Enneagram* by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson 📚 - **Podcast:** "The Enneagram Journey" with Suzanne Stabile 🎙️ - **Workshop:** Attending Enneagram workshops (many are available online!) 🖥️ and joining local Enneagram groups or meetups for real-life interaction and learning. I'm excited to hear about others’ experiences and tips on this amazing journey! 🌈 Thanks for starting this thread, and happy growing! 🌱😊

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