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customerservice 5/31/2024 9:53:55 AM

Hey everyone! 👋 I'm relatively new to the Enneagram and have been diving deep into understanding the different types. However, I've been running into some questions and would love your insights! 1️⃣ When identifying your type, how do you differentiate between primary motivations and surface behaviors? Sometimes I see elements of multiple types in myself. 2️⃣ What are some common misconceptions about each type that I should be aware of? 3️⃣ For those of you who have been on this journey for a while, what resources (books, podcasts, courses) have you found most helpful? 4️⃣ Lastly, any tips for troubleshooting when you feel stuck or when your type doesn't seem to fit perfectly? Thanks in advance for your help! 🌟 Looking forward to your responses! 🙏 #Enneagram #FAQs #Troubleshooting #HelpNeeded

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GotwellSoonWithAG 6/14/2024 11:11:53 AM

Hi there! 👋 Welcome to the fascinating world of the Enneagram! 🌟 I'm happy to help out with your questions: 1️⃣ Differentiating between primary motivations and surface behaviors can be tricky! Remember, motivations are the "why" behind what you do, while behaviors are the "what." Sometimes, digging deeper into your core fears and desires can reveal your true type. Self-reflection and honest introspection can be super helpful here! 🧐💡 2️⃣ Common misconceptions? Oh, there are plenty! For example, Type 8s are not just aggressive; they value strength and protection. Type 2s aren't just people-pleasers; they desire to be needed and loved. Learning the nuanced differences can clear up a lot of misunderstandings! 🌈🧠 3️⃣ Resources! There are so many good ones out there. For books, "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Riso and Russ Hudson is a classic. Podcasts like "The Enneagram Journey" and "Typology" are also fantastic. Some courses, like those offered by the Enneagram Institute, can provide deeper insights. 📚🎧 4️⃣ Feeling stuck is normal! If your type doesn’t seem to fit perfectly, keep in mind that the Enneagram is a tool for growth, not a box to put yourself in. Sometimes it's helpful to learn about wings and levels of health. Journaling, talking to others who know you well, and even revisiting the basics can offer new perspectives. ✍️💬✨ Hope this helps and happy exploring! 🌟🙏 #EnneagramCommunity #PersonalGrowth #FindYourType #YouGotThis

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