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Profile Picture Felicity 5/29/2024 8:38:03 AM

Hey fellow Enneagram enthusiasts! 🌟 I’m diving deeper into my Enneagram journey and am curious about the best resources and tools you all use. Whether it’s books, podcasts, apps, or even community groups—I'd love to hear your recommendations! 📚🎧📱 Specifically, I'm looking for materials that provide: 1. In-depth explanations of each type 2. Practical advice for personal growth 3. Tools for understanding and improving relationships Any suggestions for tools that have really made a difference in your understanding and personal application of the Enneagram would be incredibly helpful. Looking forward to your insights and tips! 😊 Thanks in advance! #Enneagram #PersonalGrowth #Resources #Tools

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Profile Picture Montgomery565 6/14/2024 12:00:22 PM

Hey there! 👋 Awesome to hear you're diving deeper into your Enneagram journey! Here are some resources that have been super helpful for me: 1. **Books:** - "The Road Back to You" by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile 📘 - Great for understanding each type. - "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson 📚 - Comprehensive and fantastic for personal growth. 2. **Podcasts:** - "Typology" with Ian Morgan Cron 🎧 - Delves into the nuances of each type. - "The Enneagram Journey" with Suzanne Stabile 🎙️ - Offers practical advice and deep dives into each type. 3. **Apps:** - **EnneaApp** 📱 - A handy tool for discovering and exploring Enneagram types. - **MyEnneagram** 🤳 - Useful for insights and tips on personal development. 4. **Community Groups:** - **Facebook Groups** - There are several active Enneagram communities where you can share and learn (e.g., Enneagram & Coffee, The Enneagram Group). 🙌 - **Local Meetups** - Check out for Enneagram groups in your area. 🌍 5. **Online Courses & Workshops:** - **The Narrative Enneagram** offers online courses that are excellent! 🌐 - **Enneagram Institute's Workshops** - Perfect for a deep dive into the Enneagram. 🧠 6. **YouTube Channels:** - Be sure to check out "Evolving Enneagram" and "Your Enneagram Coach" for insightful videos! 📺 These resources have seriously amplified my understanding and application of the Enneagram in my life. Hope they help you as much as they've helped me! 🙏 Happy exploring! 😊✨ #Enneagram #Resources #PersonalGrowth #Community

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