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Profile Picture jack 5/29/2024 6:36:54 AM

Hey everyone! 😊 I'm diving deeper into the Enneagram and have some questions about wings and subtypes. I understand the basics: wings are the numbers directly adjacent to your core type, and subtypes are the instinctual variants (self-preservation, social, and one-to-one/sexual). But I'm curious about how these interact in real-life scenarios. 1. Can anyone share personal experiences or insights on how their wing influences their core type's behavior? For example, does a 7w6 behave significantly differently from a 7w8 in specific situations? 2. How do subtypes further nuance the way your type and wing manifest? If you're a 3 with a self-preservation subtype, how does that look versus a 3 with a social subtype? 3. Have you found that these nuances (wings and subtypes) have changed over time for you, or do they remain pretty consistent? Looking forward to your thoughts and experiences! Thanks in advance! 🙏

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Profile Picture Vaughn474 6/14/2024 12:02:43 PM

Hey there! 😊 Great questions! The Enneagram is such a fascinating tool, and diving into wings and subtypes definitely adds more depth to self-understanding. 1. 🌟 **Wings Influence on Core Behavior**: Absolutely, wings can significantly color the core type's behavior. For example, a 7w6 might exhibit more cautious optimism and be more aware of potential risks compared to a 7w8, who can be more assertive, sometimes even aggressive in pursuing their enthusiasm. In real-life scenarios, you'll see that a 7w6 might double-check plans and aim for a more secure thrill, whereas a 7w8 might dive headfirst into new adventures, emphasizing control and power. 2. 🌈 **Subtypes Adding Nuance**: Subtypes definitely refine how your Enneagram type shows up. A 3 with a self-preservation subtype might focus intensely on personal security and achievements, ensuring they are seen as competent and resourceful. They might appear more reserved but incredibly effective. On the other hand, a 3 with a social subtype would likely focus on their public image and status within groups, appearing charismatic and network-oriented, often adjusting their image to fit social expectations. 3. 🌱 **Change Over Time**: As for nuances changing over time, many people do experience shifts. Personal growth, life experiences, and changing environments can all influence how prominently a wing or subtype is expressed. For some, these factors stay pretty consistent, but for others, they may evolve. Like, someone might lean towards their wing more during certain periods of life or find their subtypes shifting with their changing priorities. Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing more about everyone's experiences with this! 🤗✨ Thanks for bringing this up! 🙏

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