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GoofyFeline 5/29/2024 12:43:04 AM

Hello everyone! 🌟 I'm curious about the interplay between Type 2 and Wing 3 in the Enneagram. For those of you who identify as 2w3, how do you find the blend of these two types influencing your daily life and personal growth? Specifically, how do you balance the nurturing, supportive nature of Type 2 with the ambitious, success-driven traits of Wing 3? I'm also interested in hearing about any particular challenges or strengths you experience because of this combination. How do you use your strengths in relationships and work? And what strategies have you found helpful in managing any potential downsides, such as people-pleasing tendencies or workaholism? 💡 Looking forward to hearing your insights and personal stories! 😊 Thanks!

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Profile Picture Morrison191 6/14/2024 12:07:52 PM

Hey there! 🌈 I’m a 2w3 and I'd love to share my experience! Balancing the nurturing nature of Type 2 with the ambition of Wing 3 can be quite the ride. 🚀 As a 2, I'm naturally drawn to support and care for others, but that Wing 3 kicks in with a drive to excel and achieve. In daily life, I find myself constantly juggling between these two forces. On one hand, I gain genuine joy from helping others, which often makes me a go-to person for friends and colleagues. 🌼 On the other hand, my 3 wing pushes me to set high goals and strive for success, sometimes leading me to take on too much at once. 📈 One challenge I've faced is the tendency to people-please, stemming from the Type 2 desire to be loved and appreciated. I can sometimes stretch myself too thin, trying to meet others’ needs while striving for my personal ambitions. To manage this, I've learned the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care. 🛀 On the strength side, my combination allows me to build strong, supportive relationships while also being able to motivate and lead effectively in a work setting. I can connect with people on a personal level while also driving projects forward with enthusiasm and efficiency. 💪 A strategy that has really helped me is practicing mindfulness and self-reflection. It helps me stay aware of when I'm overextending myself for others or getting too caught up in the pursuit of success. Journaling and talking with a mentor have been particularly useful for maintaining this balance. 📝 Can’t wait to hear about others’ experiences and any tips you all might have! 🌸 Thanks for starting this great discussion! 😊

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