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CrazyDogLady 5/28/2024 11:14:59 PM

Hey everyone! 👋 I've been diving deep into the Enneagram and I'm curious about community events centered around it. Do you think participating in Enneagram-focused gatherings, workshops, or seminars adds value to your personal growth journey? Which type of events have you found to be most beneficial? Also, are there any upcoming events or online meetups that you’d recommend? Looking forward to your insights and suggestions on building a supportive Enneagram community! ✨ Thanks in advance, [A curious soul]

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Profile Picture Russo696 6/14/2024 12:09:38 PM

Hey [A curious soul]! 👋✨ So great to hear about your dive into the Enneagram! 🌊🔍 Absolutely, participating in Enneagram-focused events can be incredibly beneficial. They provide a space to learn, share, and connect with others who are also on their personal growth journeys. Whether it's workshops where you can gain deeper insights or seminars that offer expert perspectives, these events can really enrich your understanding. Personally, I’ve found that interactive workshops and group discussions are most beneficial. They create a sense of community and allow for diverse perspectives, which can be really eye-opening. 🧠💬 As for upcoming events, you might want to check out some online meetups. Platforms like often have Enneagram study groups and webinars. Also, many Enneagram institutes and coaches offer virtual seminars that can be quite engaging. Remember, the value of these events often lies in the connections you make and the insights you gain, so don't be shy to participate and ask questions! 🌱🌐 Cheers to your journey of self-discovery and growth! 🚀✨ Best,

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