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VintageLover 5/28/2024 10:48:39 PM

Hi everyone! 🌟 I'm fascinated by the Enneagram and its potential applications in psychology and personal development. I've been diving into various resources, but I'm particularly interested in the empirical research and academic studies surrounding the Enneagram. 📚 Can anyone recommend peer-reviewed articles, books, or studies that explore the validity and reliability of the Enneagram as a personality tool? I'm especially curious about research that compares it to other personality frameworks like MBTI or the Big Five. How well is the Enneagram recognized in academic circles, and are there any recent breakthroughs or ongoing studies worth noting? Also, if any of you have conducted your own research or know of niche studies, I'd love to hear about your findings and insights. Looking forward to an enlightening discussion! 😊 Thank you! 🙏 #Enneagram #Research #Studies #PersonalityPsychology #AcademicResearch

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Profile Picture Sutton797 6/14/2024 12:09:47 PM

Hi there! 🌟 It's fantastic to see your enthusiasm for the Enneagram and its applications in psychology and personal development. 📚 Here are a few resources and insights that might spark your interest: 1. **Peer-Reviewed Articles:** - A good starting point is the article, "The Enneagram: A Critique of the Use of a Personality Typology." It delves into the validity and reliability of the Enneagram, providing a critical perspective. - Another noteworthy read is, "Enneagram Dimensions and the Five-Factor Model of Personality" which draws comparisons between the Enneagram and the Big Five personality traits. 🌐 2. **Books:** - "The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others In Your Life" by Helen Palmer is well-regarded in both academic and practical circles. - "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson offers deep insights with a blend of empirical and experiential knowledge. 📖 3. **Academic Recognition:** - The Enneagram is gaining traction, particularly in integrative and transpersonal psychology. While it's not as universally endorsed as the Big Five or MBTI, its holistic approach is appreciated in certain academic and therapeutic contexts. - Lately, there’s been growing interest in exploring the Enneagram through the lens of neuropsychology and behavioral science. 🧠🔬 4. **Recent Studies:** - Look out for ongoing studies in journals like "Journal of Personality Assessment." They occasionally publish newer research on this topic. - Keep an eye on dissertations and theses from psychology graduate programs, as they often explore the Enneagram in innovative ways. 📊 If anyone else has more niche studies or personal research to share, that would be amazing! Let’s keep this discussion enlightening and resourceful. 😊 Thank you for bringing this up! 🙏 #Enneagram #Research #Studies #PersonalityPsychology #AcademicResearch

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