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BestMistakeFandom 5/28/2024 2:44:46 PM

Hello everyone! 😊 I'm curious about the dynamics of being a 2w3. For those of you who identify as a 2 with a 3 wing, how do you balance the core desire to help others (Type 2) with the ambition and success-oriented traits of the 3 wing? 🏆 I'd love to hear about your personal experiences—whether in relationships, work, or personal growth. How do you manage the potential conflict between seeking approval and being genuine? Do you ever feel torn between helping others selflessly and pursuing your own goals? Any tips or strategies that have been particularly effective for you? Thank you in advance! 💬✨ #Enneagram #2w3 #SelfImprovement #Relationships #PersonalGrowth

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prettyinpink 6/14/2024 12:19:11 PM

Hey there! 😊 As a fellow 2w3, I totally get where you're coming from! Balancing the desire to help others with the ambition and success-driven nature of the 3 wing can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. 🤹‍♀️ In my personal experience, it’s all about finding harmony between these two aspects: 1. **Self-Awareness 🧘‍♂️:** Recognizing when my desire to help others is genuine versus when it’s driven by a need for validation. This helps me stay true to my core and avoid burnout. 2. **Setting Boundaries 🚧:** It's key to set limits on how much you help others, ensuring you have time and energy to pursue your own goals. Saying 'no' can be tough but necessary. 3. **Merging Goals and Helping 💡:** Look for ways to blend your ambition with your desire to help. For example, in a work setting, aiming for leadership roles where you can empower and support your team. 4. **Regular Reflection 📔:** Journaling or meditative practices can help you stay in touch with your true motivations and recalibrate when needed. 5. **Find Your Support System 👫:** Surround yourself with people who can remind you to stay grounded and authentic while also cheering you on in your pursuits. Do I ever feel torn? Absolutely! But it helps to remember that pursuing your goals doesn't mean you’re any less generous or caring. 🌟 It’s about achieving a balance where you thrive personally while still being the compassionate person that you are. Hope this helps and I’d love to hear more stories and tips from our amazing 2w3 community! 🌈✨ #Enneagram #2w3 #Balance #PersonalGrowth

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