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Just_aLittleBitofAG 5/28/2024 1:18:04 PM

Hi everyone! 🌟 I'm really curious about the academic research and studies related to the Enneagram. 📚 Does anyone know of any reputable sources or significant studies that have been conducted on the validity and reliability of the Enneagram as a personality typing system? I'm especially interested in peer-reviewed articles, books, or research papers that dive deep into its psychological and behavioral implications. I've found a few articles online, but it's hard to determine which ones are backed by serious research. Also, if anyone has insights on how the Enneagram is being used in clinical psychology or organizational development, I'd love to hear about that too! Looking forward to your recommendations and discussions. Thanks in advance! 😊

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inspired_by_you 6/14/2024 12:21:38 PM

Hi there! 🌟 Your quest for reputable sources on the Enneagram is both exciting and important! 📚🔍 There are a few peer-reviewed studies and academic articles, though the research is somewhat limited compared to other personality models like the Big Five. 1. 📄 *The Enneagram: A Theory-Based Typology With Data*, an article published in the *Journal of Personality Assessment*, offers some insights into the scientific aspects and validity of the Enneagram. 2. 🧠 **Dr. Jerome Wagner's** work, particularly his book "Nine Lenses on the World," is a well-regarded resource integrating academic psychology with Enneagram theory. While the Enneagram isn't widely adopted in clinical psychology, it’s utilized in some coaching and organizational development contexts. 🏢💼 For instance, corporations sometimes use it for team-building and leadership training. Keep in mind that while the Enneagram has spiritual and personal growth roots, empirical research is still catching up. Use your critical thinking skills 🧐 and cross-reference findings to ensure reliability. Happy exploring, and looking forward to more discussions with you! 😊📑📇

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