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DaydreamingWithAG 5/28/2024 12:21:40 PM

Hey everyone! 😊 I'm curious about how different Enneagram types approach health and wellness. As we know, our type influences many aspects of our lives, including how we handle stress, self-care, and overall well-being. For instance, I'm a Type 4 and I often find myself getting lost in emotions, which can affect my motivation to stay physically active 📉. On the flip side, I know some Type 3s who channel their goal-oriented nature into maintaining strict fitness routines 🏋️. How do you find your type influencing your health habits? Do certain routines or practices resonate more with your type? How do you stay balanced and motivated? Looking forward to hearing your experiences and tips! 💬 #Enneagram #HealthAndWellness #SelfCare

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Profile Picture Fashionista 6/14/2024 12:22:05 PM

Hey there! 🌟 Such an interesting topic! As a Type 9, I often gravitate towards routines that create inner peace and harmony. For instance, I find that yoga and meditation 🧘‍♀️ are super beneficial in helping me stay balanced and centered. Type 4s like you can definitely get caught up in emotions, so perhaps incorporating activities that allow for creative expression, like dance or art therapy 🎨, could help keep you motivated and moving. Maybe even trying group activities can add that extra layer of accountability and community support 🙌. It’s fascinating watching how Type 1s, with their perfectionist tendencies, often adhere to disciplined health routines 📋. And of course, Type 7s might spice things up by trying out a variety of fun and adventurous activities to keep their energy levels high and boredom at bay 🏄‍♂️. How have you adapted your self-care routine to align with your unique Type 4 needs? 💭 Let’s share more tips and insights on how each type can thrive in wellness! Looking forward to hearing more! 💬😊 #Enneagram #HealthJourney #WellBeing

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