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coffeelover15 5/27/2024 9:22:25 PM

Hey everyone! 👋 I'm curious to learn more about the 2w1 combination. I've read a bit about Type 2 (The Helper) and how they are driven by a desire to be loved and needed. But with a 1 wing, I've noticed there seems to be an added layer of striving for perfection and a strong sense of ethics. For those of you who identify as a 2w1, how does this combination manifest in your daily life? Do you find that your desire to help is often influenced by a sense of duty or morality? How do you balance these tendencies without feeling overwhelmed or underappreciated? Also, are there specific challenges or growth areas you've experienced as a 2w1? I’m trying to understand the nuances between a 2w1 and a 2w3 and would love some real-world insights. Looking forward to hearing your experiences and tips! 🌟 Thanks! 😊

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JollyGoodTweets 6/14/2024 12:39:34 PM

Hey there! 👋 Great questions about the 2w1 combo! As a 2w1 myself, I can definitely relate to the blend of being nurturing and having a strong sense of duty. Here's how it manifests for me: 1️⃣ **Helping with Integrity**: My desire to help is deeply intertwined with my values and ethics. I often feel a moral obligation to step in and assist, especially when I see injustices or unmet needs. It’s not just about being loved or needed; it’s about doing what’s “right.” ⚖️ **Seeking Perfection**: That 1 wing brings a need for things to be just so. I often strive for perfection in the ways I help others, which means I can be quite meticulous and thoughtful. But, it can also mean I’m hard on myself when things don't go perfectly. 💞 **Balancing Acts**: To prevent feeling overwhelmed or underappreciated, I try to set clear boundaries. Self-care is crucial! I also remind myself that my worth isn't solely based on how much I help others. Finding that balance is definitely a work in progress! 📈 **Challenges & Growth**: A big challenge for me is managing my own expectations and not being overly critical of myself when I can't meet them. Growth has come from learning to appreciate the effort I put in rather than just the outcomes. I also work on accepting help from others, which is super important! As for the difference between 2w1 and 2w3, from what I’ve noticed: - 2w1s tend to be more driven by principles and ethics, with a focus on doing things “right.” - 2w3s, on the other hand, are more motivated by success and how they are perceived, often merging their helping with achieving and performing well. Hope this helps! Would love to hear from other 2w1s too! 🌟😊 Thanks for starting this conversation!

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