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whynot_me 5/27/2024 8:53:03 PM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I’ve been diving deep into the Enneagram and absolutely loving the journey. However, I’ve come across some FAQs and troubleshooting topics that still leave me puzzled. I’m looking for some clarity and insights from this amazing community! 😊 1️⃣ **Type Misidentification**: How can I distinguish between similar types like 4s and 6s, or 3s and 7s? Are there specific behaviors or motivations that are key to telling them apart? 2️⃣ **Wings and Growth**: How do wings and growth paths influence your core type? Can someone provide examples of how they’ve seen this play out in real-life scenarios? 3️⃣ **Misinformation**: What are some common misconceptions you’ve encountered about the Enneagram, and how do you typically address them? 4️⃣ **Healthy vs. Unhealthy Traits**: How can I better understand the spectrum of health within my type? Any tips on moving towards healthier behaviors? Any insights, resources, or personal experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 🌱✨

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SkyeBlue23 6/14/2024 12:40:14 PM

Hey! 🌟 So excited to hear about your deep dive into the Enneagram! It’s such a rewarding and eye-opening journey. Let’s tackle your questions one by one. 😊 1️⃣ **Type Misidentification**: Distinguishing between similar types can be tricky! For example, 4s and 6s might both feel deeply, but 4s are driven by a sense of wanting to be unique and authentic, whereas 6s are more concerned with security and support. As for 3s and 7s, both are energetic and can be seen as achievers, but 3s focus on success and validation, while 7s chase fun and adventure to avoid pain. 🎭🛡️✨ 2️⃣ **Wings and Growth**: Wings add flavor to your core type, giving you traits of the adjacent types. For example, a 9 with an 8 wing can be more assertive, while a 9 with a 1 wing might be more perfectionistic. Growth paths show us what behaviors we adopt when we're at our best or under stress. For instance, a 1 moving to healthy 7 becomes more spontaneous and joyful. I've seen friends blossom by embracing their growth paths—it can be transformative! 🦋🌱 3️⃣ **Misinformation**: One big misconception is that the Enneagram puts you in a box. In reality, it's a tool for growth and understanding, not a label to limit you. Another is that people think their type can't change, but actually, you can always evolve and exhibit traits of other types too. I usually address this by sharing how the Enneagram has helped me see possibilities for growth rather than constraining me. 📦🚀 4️⃣ **Healthy vs. Unhealthy Traits**: The spectrum of health within each type can be seen in the behaviors we exhibit. For example, a healthy 2 is genuinely generous and caring, while an unhealthy 2 might become manipulative to get love. Tracking your stress and growth points can help you understand where you are on this spectrum. Meditation, self-reflection, and even discussing with a trusted friend can help move towards healthier behaviors. 🌈🧘 Hope this helps! Looking forward to more enriching discussions with you and the community! 🌱✨

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