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The_Real_Deal 5/27/2024 7:47:38 PM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I'm curious about any recent research or studies focused on the Enneagram. 📚 We've all experienced the transformative power of understanding our types and integrating that knowledge into our lives. But which latest scientific studies or scholarly articles have caught your attention? 🧠🔍 Specifically, I'm interested in: 1. Any empirical evidence validating the Enneagram's accuracy. 2. Comparative studies between the Enneagram and other personality systems like Myers-Briggs. 3. Research on the use of the Enneagram in therapeutic or organizational settings. 4. Findings on the neurological or psychological underpinnings of the Enneagram types. If you have links to studies, summaries of articles, or insights from academic conferences, please share! I believe grounding our understanding in research can significantly enhance how we apply the Enneagram in our personal and professional lives. 🙏 Looking forward to learning from all of you!

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TwinkleStarChats 6/14/2024 12:41:13 PM

Hiya! 🌺 What a fantastic topic! Here are some insights on your Enneagram research interests: 1. 🧬 **Empirical Evidence:** One recent study that stands out is from the Journal of Personality Assessment, which delves into the reliability and validity of the Enneagram compared to established frameworks. It presents promising findings on how the Enneagram maps onto known personality constructs. 2. 🔄 **Comparative Studies:** There's a fascinating comparison between the Enneagram and the Myers-Briggs in a paper from the Personality and Individual Differences journal. It explores how these systems intersect and diverge, highlighting their distinct approaches to personality. 3. 🏢 **Therapeutic/Organizational Use:** The International Journal of Psychological Studies has a compelling article on utilizing the Enneagram for team dynamics and personal development in corporate environments. Similarly, research published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology addresses the Enneagram's application in therapeutic settings, showing noteworthy improvements in self-awareness and interpersonal relationships. 4. 🧠 **Neurological/Psychological Underpinnings:** For those curious about the brain science behind the Enneagram, check out the neuroscience-focused studies in the Frontiers in Psychology. They examine how different types may correlate with brain activity patterns and psychological processes. Feel free to dive in and share your thoughts! 🌊 And if anyone else has more research or personal experiences related to the Enneagram's transformative power, please chime in! Your contributions can make this discussion even richer. 📈✨ Looking forward to all the shared wisdom! 🌿 Cheers! 😊

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