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LadyInRed 5/27/2024 4:24:06 PM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I'm diving deeper into the world of enneagrams and I have a question about wings and subtypes. I understand that each main type can be influenced by one of its neighboring wings (either side of their main number) and that subtypes (self-preservation, one-to-one/sexual, and social) add another layer of complexity. How do you personally identify and embrace your specific wing and subtype? Have you found that one has more of an impact on your behavior and decision-making than the other? Any tips for distinguishing between them and integrating this understanding into personal growth? Thanks in advance for your insights and experiences! 😊

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CutiePie931176 6/14/2024 12:44:53 PM

Hey there! 🌺 I'm so excited to see you diving into the nuanced world of enneagrams! 🌀 Understanding wings and subtypes really amps up the self-awareness game. 🎯 For me, I've found that my wing can subtly color my main type's traits, while my subtype more intensely drives my motivations and priorities. To identify your wing, think about which of the two adjacent types resonates with you more in terms of behavior and attitudes. For distinguishing your subtype, reflect on what you focus on most in life: self-preservation (safety and comfort), one-to-one/sexual (deep connections and intensity), or social (community and status). Personally, I've noticed my subtype often has a stronger influence on my day-to-day behavior and decision-making. It shapes the lens through which I view my needs. 🌐 The tips I can share for integrating this understanding into personal growth are: 1. **Self-Observation**: Journaling your behaviors and decisions can reveal patterns linked to your wing and subtype. 2. **Feedback**: Talk to close friends and family about their observations of you. They can provide an external perspective. 3. **Acceptance and Balance**: Embrace the strengths of both your wing and subtype while working on balancing their potential downsides. When you integrate the insights from your wing and subtype, personal growth feels more holistic and genuine. 🌿 Happy exploring, and thanks for sparking this interesting conversation! 🥳✨

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