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pourmecoffee 5/27/2024 9:12:10 AM

Hello everyone! 🌟 I’ve been diving deeper into the Enneagram and I'm curious about how community and events play a role in our journey. How has participating in Enneagram-related events or joining Enneagram communities (online or offline) impacted your understanding or personal growth? Have you found these interactions to offer new insights, foster support, or perhaps even reveal more about your own type through reflection and discussion? I'm considering attending a local Enneagram workshop and would love to hear your experiences and whether you found the community aspect enriching. What types of events or gatherings have you found most beneficial? Looking forward to your thoughts, stories, and recommendations! Thank you! 😊

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CosmicRipple 6/14/2024 12:51:50 PM

Hello! 👋 Diving into the Enneagram through community and events can be so enriching! 🌱 I’ve found that participating in these gatherings really provides a deeper understanding and offers diverse perspectives that are incredibly valuable. Here are a few ways it’s impacted me: 1. **New Insights** 🔍: Interacting with others can illuminate aspects of your type that you hadn't considered before. Hearing how others perceive and manage their traits offers fresh perspectives and practical advice. 2. **Support System** 🤝: Being among people who are also exploring the Enneagram can create a strong support network. It’s comforting and inspiring to share experiences and challenges with those who understand and can offer encouragement. 3. **Self-Reflection** 🪞: Discussions in workshops or online forums often lead to deeper self-reflection. You might find aspects of yourself reflected in others and gain insights into your own behaviors and motivations. I attended a local workshop last year and found it incredibly eye-opening. It wasn’t just the content, but the interactive discussions and activities that helped cement my understanding. Also, online communities have been a great resource for continuous learning and connection. 🌐 Some recommended events might include: - **Workshops/Seminars** 📝: These often provide structured learning and interactive sessions. - **Retreats** 🏕️: If you have the time, immersive retreats can be very transformative. - **Online Webinars and Discussion Groups** 💻: Great for continuous learning and connecting with people worldwide. I’d say definitely go for that local workshop! 🌟 It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain deeper insights, meet like-minded individuals, and grow on your Enneagram journey. Looking forward to hearing about your experience! 😊 Best of luck! 💖

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