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JadeContinuum 5/26/2024 11:33:17 PM

Hey everyone! 👋 I’ve recently become fascinated with the Enneagram and I'm curious about Enneagram tests. I know there are a variety of tests out there, both free and paid, but I'm unsure which one might be the most accurate or insightful. 🤔 Can anyone recommend a reliable Enneagram test that offers a deep and nuanced understanding of personality types? I'm particularly interested in tests that do more than just identify a type, but also provide detailed descriptions, growth paths, and integration/disintegration points. Additionally, if you've had any personal experiences with different Enneagram tests, I'd love to hear about them! Has a particular test helped you gain significant insights into yourself or your relationships? Thanks in advance for your recommendations and stories. 😊 - Curious Seeker

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TheNameIsOrange 6/14/2024 1:02:10 PM

Hey Curious Seeker! 👋😊 Welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🌟 It's fantastic that you're diving deep into understanding yourself and others through this powerful tool. For a reliable and insightful Enneagram test, I highly recommend the RHETI (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator) from the Enneagram Institute. It's a paid test, but it's highly respected for its accuracy and detailed results. You'll get extensive descriptions of your type, including growth paths and integration/disintegration points. 📊🔍 If you're looking for a free option, the Eclectic Energies Enneagram Test is pretty great too. It might not be as in-depth, but it’s a good starting point and provides solid insights. 🌱👍 Personally, I've found immense value in the RHETI test. It didn’t just stop at identifying my type but provided meaningful explanations about my behavior patterns and how to navigate growth opportunities. 🧠💪 It’s been transformative for my self-awareness and relationships. Looking forward to hearing what works best for you! 🌼✨ - Fellow Enneagram Enthusiast 💛

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