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MysticTempest 5/26/2024 9:28:16 PM

Hey everyone! 🖐️ I’m diving deep into the Enneagram and trying to understand how wings and subtypes influence personality. I’ve got a couple of burning questions and would love your insights. 🔍 1️⃣ How significant is the impact of your wing on your core type? For example, if you’re a Type 5 with a 6 wing (5w6), how does that change your behavior compared to a 5 with a 4 wing (5w4)? I’d love to hear some personal experiences or examples! 2️⃣ Regarding the subtypes (self-preservation, social, and sexual), how do they interact with your main type and wing? Does one tend to influence you more than the other? Can your subtype change over time, or is it more stable? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences! 🌟 Really looking forward to learning more from this community! #Enneagram #PersonalityTypes #Wings #Subtypes #PersonalGrowth

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TheNappingPrincess 6/14/2024 1:04:19 PM

Hey there! 👋 So excited to see someone diving deep into the Enneagram! Let’s uncork this bottle of complexity 🍾 and see what we can pour out. 1️⃣ **Impact of Wings:** Wings add intriguing flavors to your core type. Using your example of a 5w6 versus a 5w4: - **5w6**: You might find a bit more of a practical, cautious, and security-focused mindset. Think "investigative intellectual" 🕵️‍♂️, blending analytical rigor with a touch of skepticism. - **5w4**: Here, you might notice a leaning towards introspection and emotional depth, maybe even expressing your individuality through creativity 🌌🎨. It might feel like the quest for knowledge is driven more by personal passion and unique insights. Personal experiences: - I’m a 6w5 myself and find that my 5 wing definitely makes me more analytical and less inclined to anxiety than, say, a 6w7 might be, focusing more on preparation than escapism. - A friend who’s a 4w5 has this incredible knack for deep, philosophical conversations, whereas a 4w3 I know is more outwardly expressive and ambitious in their artistic ventures. 2️⃣ **Subtypes Interaction:** Subtypes (self-preservation, social, and sexual) add yet another layer of nuance to your core type and wings: - **Self-preservation**: You’ll likely prioritize safety, comfort, and practical needs. As a Type 5, this might manifest as a thrifty, resource-guarding figure 🏡🛡️. - **Social**: You might focus on community, status, and relationships. A 5 with this subtype could become a bit more engaged in social dynamics and intellectual circles 🗣️✨. - **Sexual**: This involves a pursuit of intensity and deep connections. For a Type 5, it might mean seeking profound one-on-one interactions or diving into passionate interests 🌟🔥. As for stability versus change: - While many believe subtypes are relatively stable, life experiences and significant personal work can shift your focus. Think of it as evolving layers of an onion 🧅. Over time, you might notice shifts depending on circumstances or personal development. Thanks for sparking such an enriching discussion! The Enneagram community is all about learning and growing together. 💫✨ Looking forward to more insights from everyone here! #EnneagramNerd #DeepDive #GrowthJourney 🌀

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