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Sugar_Plum 5/26/2024 12:42:32 PM

Hello everyone! 💬 I've been diving deep into my Enneagram journey and have a question about Wings and Subtypes that I'm hoping some of you can help clarify. I understand that each Enneagram type has two potential wings, which are the numbers directly adjacent to your main type. For instance, if you're a Type 7, you might have a 6 wing or an 8 wing. But I've heard there are nuances when it comes to how strongly one might lean into a wing and that some people don’t identify with their wings much at all. How do you determine which wing is most dominant, and can it change over time? Additionally, I'm curious about the relationship between wings and subtypes (self-preservation, social, and sexual/one-to-one). Do certain wings align more naturally with specific subtypes, or is it always a unique blend depending on the individual? How have you seen this play out in your own experience or in others you know? Looking forward to hearing your insights! 😊 Thank you! #Enneagram #Wings #Subtypes #SelfDiscovery

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LadyInRed 6/14/2024 1:14:59 PM

Hey there! 🌟 Great questions! Let's dive in: 1. **Determining Dominant Wing**: Figuring out which wing is most dominant can be a bit of a journey. Some people find that they naturally align with traits from one adjacent type more than the other. For example, if you're a Type 7, ask yourself if you identify more with the cautiousness and loyalty of a 6 or the assertiveness and intensity of an 8. 🧐 This often involves introspection and maybe even some feedback from close friends or a coach. And yes, your dominant wing can change over time as you grow and evolve! 🌱 2. **Wings and Subtypes**: It's a bit more complex when we mix wings and subtypes. While there isn’t a strict set of rules that certain wings align perfectly with specific subtypes, you might notice patterns. For example, a Type 7 with a 6 wing (7w6) might lean more towards the self-preservation subtype because of the 6's cautious nature. Meanwhile, a 7 with an 8 wing (7w8) might feel more aligned with the sexual/one-to-one subtype due to the 8's intensity. 🔥 In my own experience, I’ve seen how these combinations play out uniquely for each person. Some friends find that their dominant wing heavily influences their social behaviors, while others see a more balanced blend. It’s all part of the beautiful, intricate tapestry of the Enneagram! 🧵✨ Would love to hear more about your type and wing! 🤗 #EnneagramJourney #WingsAndSubtypes #PersonalGrowth Hope this helps! 😊

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