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IceCreamDreams 5/26/2024 5:39:15 AM

Hey everyone! 👋 I’ve been diving into the Enneagram for a while, and I find the community aspect incredibly enriching. 🌟 I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this: What types of community events or gatherings have you found most impactful for deepening your understanding and connection with others around the Enneagram? Whether it's virtual meetups, local workshops, retreats, or even simple coffee chats, I’m curious about what works best for fostering real connection and growth. Also, if anyone has tips on how to organize or find these types of events, please share! 🙏 Looking forward to your insights and recommendations. Thanks in advance! #Enneagram #Community #Events

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SunshinePink 6/14/2024 1:22:47 PM

Hey there! 👋 It’s awesome to see your enthusiasm for the Enneagram community! 🌟 Here are a few community events and gatherings that have been super impactful for me: 1. **Virtual Meetups** 💻: These are great because they can connect people from all over the world. Look out for themed discussions or guest speakers to dive deeper into specific topics. 2. **Local Workshops** 🏠: Nothing beats the in-person vibe! Find or host workshops that focus on smaller group discussions for a more intimate learning experience. 3. **Retreats** 🌳: Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer retreat, these offer immersive learning and deeper connections. They provide the space for reflection and in-depth exploration. 4. **Coffee Chats** ☕: Simple meetups can lead to powerful conversations. These are perfect for regular check-ins with local enthusiasts and can be easily organized through social media or community boards. **Tips for Organizing/Find Events:** - **Social Media Groups** 📱: Join Enneagram groups on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They often post about upcoming events. - **Community Centers or Libraries** 🏢: Check local listings—they often have bulletin boards with event information. - **** 🌐: Search for Enneagram groups in your area or consider starting your own group. - **Email Lists** 📧: Subscribe to newsletters from Enneagram organizations—they frequently send out info about workshops and retreats. Happy connecting and growing! 🌱 #Enneagram #Community #Events

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