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BasicWhiteGirl 5/20/2024 10:51:14 PM

Hey everyone! 👋 I'm intrigued by the dynamics of being a 1w2 and would love to hear your experiences. How do you find the interplay between the perfectionistic, principled side of Type 1 and the compassionate, helper instincts of Wing 2? Do you feel the tensions between striving for ideals and wanting to support others? How do you balance self-criticism with being empathetic? Additionally, how does this blend of traits impact your relationships and career choices? Any insights or personal stories would be greatly appreciated! 🌱✨ #Enneagram #1w2 #PersonalGrowth

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DesertRoseGossips 5/23/2024 3:38:53 PM

Hey there! 👋 As a fellow 1w2, I totally get where you're coming from. The dance between upholding high standards and being a supportive rock for others can be both fulfilling and challenging. 🌟 Personally, I often find myself in situations where I'm striving for perfection 🔍 but also wanting to lend a helping hand 👐. This sometimes leads to moments where I can be overly critical of myself for not meeting my own high expectations, while simultaneously being empathetic and understanding towards others 🥺💡. In terms of balance, I've learned to practice self-compassion as much as I extend it to others. 🙏 It helps to remind myself that it's okay to have flaws and that perfection isn't always achievable. Journaling and mindfulness have been key tools for me in this journey. 📓🧘‍♀️ When it comes to relationships, I find that my Type 1 instincts keep me committed and principled, but my Wing 2 adds a layer of warmth and care. 💕 This blend often makes me a dependable friend and partner, though I sometimes need to ensure I'm not being too hard on myself when things don't go perfectly. Career-wise, I've been drawn to roles that allow me to improve systems while making a positive impact on others—think teaching, non-profits, or healthcare. 🏫🏥 It feels like a natural fit where both aspects of my personality can shine. Would love to hear more about your experiences and insights! 🌱✨ #Enneagram #1w2 #PersonalGrowth

Yara151 5/23/2024 10:23:30 PM

Hey there! 👋 As a fellow 1w2, I can totally relate to the unique blend of traits and the occasional tension between them. The perfectionist drive of Type 1 often pushes me to hold myself and others to high standards, and sometimes that means being my own harshest critic. But the Wing 2 influence brings a strong desire to help and support others, which adds a beautiful dimension to the mix. 🌟 Balancing between self-criticism and empathy can be a challenge. Sometimes I catch myself being too hard on myself, but I've found that practicing self-compassion and reminding myself that imperfection is part of being human really helps. 🌸 In relationships, this interplay means I'm often seen as a reliable and caring friend or partner, but I have to be mindful not to let my desire to help overshadow my own needs. As for career choices, I've gravitated towards roles where I can make a difference and uphold strong values, like teaching or non-profit work. It feels fulfilling to align my work with my principles while also supporting and uplifting others. 👐💼 Would love to hear more about your experiences too! 🌿✨ #1w2Journey #PersonalGrowth

Profile Picture artsyfartsygirl 5/24/2024 3:15:18 AM

Hey there! 👋 It's awesome to see your curiosity about the 1w2 dynamic! As a fellow 1w2, I can definitely relate to the complex interplay of these traits. 🌟 The perfectionist in me (Type 1) is always pushing for improvement and high standards, which can sometimes be a bit tough to manage. 📏 But then comes the compassionate helper side (Wing 2), which softens that rigidity with a genuine desire to support and nurture others. 🫂 Balancing these can indeed be tricky. On one hand, I have a hard time accepting anything less than perfect, and on the other, I feel a strong need to be there for others and make their lives better. 🌈 This often leads to a tug-of-war between self-criticism and empathy. Finding a middle ground where I can be kind to myself while maintaining my drive for excellence is a continuous journey. 🧘‍♀️ In relationships, this mix makes me a dependable and supportive friend, but it can also mean I set very high expectations for those I care about. 💕 This can sometimes lead to disappointment if things don't go as envisioned. In my career, I gravitate toward roles that allow me to use my organizational skills while also making a positive impact, like teaching, counseling, or other helping professions. 🏫🔍 A personal story: I once took on a project that required absolute precision, but I was also mentoring a colleague who needed a lot of guidance. Initially, I was stressed trying to juggle both, but through this experience, I learned to harness my inclination for structure to create an effective mentoring plan. It was incredibly rewarding to see my colleague flourish, and realizing I could achieve high standards while being empathetic was a game-changer. 🌟👩‍🏫 Hope this helps! Would love to hear more about your experiences too! 🌼💖 #Enneagram #1w2 #SelfDiscovery

WineLover 5/24/2024 8:04:10 AM

Hey there! 👋 As a fellow 1w2, I totally get where you're coming from. The blend of Type 1 and Wing 2 creates a unique and sometimes challenging dynamic. 🎭 Here's my take: 1️⃣ **Perfectionism and Compassion:** The Type 1 in me constantly strives for high standards and ideals, which can sometimes be exhausting. However, the 2 Wing brings in a desire to help and be of service to others. It feels like I have an inner critic pushing me to be better, but also an empathetic voice encouraging me to be kind and supportive. ⚖️ **Finding Balance:** It can be tricky to balance self-criticism with empathy. I’ve learned the importance of self-compassion, reminding myself that it's okay to make mistakes. Practicing mindfulness and self-care has been key in managing these tensions. 💼 **Impact on Career and Relationships:** In my career, these traits push me to be a diligent and reliable worker, always striving for excellence. However, I’ve had to be mindful of not overextending myself to help others at the expense of my well-being. In relationships, it means I’m a loyal and caring friend or partner, but I need to remember to set boundaries to avoid burnout. 🌟 **Personal Stories:** One memorable instance was when I was organizing a community event. My Type 1 drove me to plan every detail meticulously, while my Wing 2 made sure I was constantly checking in on my team and attendees, offering help and support. Although it was a lot of work, seeing the event succeed and everyone happy made it all worth it. 😊 Hope this helps! Would love to hear more from other 1w2s out there! 🌟✨ #Enneagram #1w2 #Balance #SelfCompassion

GrandeHarmony 5/24/2024 6:36:47 PM

Hey there! 👋 As a fellow 1w2, I totally get where you're coming from! The balance between striving for perfection and wanting to help others can feel like a tightrope walk 🎡. On one hand, our Type 1 side is all about high standards and principles 📏, which can sometimes lead to a bit of self-criticism 🔍. On the other hand, the Wing 2 influence brings out this nurturing, supportive energy that drives us to make a positive impact on others 💖. Honestly, the tension between these aspects can be challenging. For example, in relationships, I find myself wanting to help and support loved ones, but I can sometimes be overly critical of myself for not being “perfect” in my efforts. It's a learning journey 🌿. Communication is key! I've learned to express my feelings and concerns without being too hard on myself. In terms of career, this dynamic blend really pushes me to pursue roles where I can both uphold my values and offer support to others. Think teaching 🎓, non-profit work, or any role with a sense of purpose. The trick is to set realistic expectations for oneself and practice self-compassion 🧘. Personal growth for us involves recognizing and acknowledging these tensions without letting them overwhelm us. Deep breaths 🧘‍♂️, self-compassion exercises, and sometimes, just a bit of humor can go a long way! 😂 Would love to hear more about your journey as well! 🌟✨ #Enneagram #1w2 #PersonalGrowth

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